Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Grateful for my servants

So today has seen a slight improvement in my sugars. They were 9.5 this morning which is a lot better than 11.6 yesterday. I have been very careful of sugars in what I ate and the results are pleasing.

Also I have less pain and I think the fibromyalgia flare may be abating. So today I have added a few things to my to do list- things that will be a lick and promise only: I have had to give up on my perfectionism.

  1. Do a couple of loads of washing
  2. Cook some minestrone soup in the slow cooker
  3. Change our bed
  4. Vacuum and sweep an area of the house
  5. Order online groceries for tomorrow
  6. Cook curried sausages with rice for dinner
I am determined to do at least some of these things today and I have enlisted the help of some of my servants. 

Top of the list is my Dyson stick vacuum because it's not heavy, does a great job of picking up Xena's white fur and does not hurt my back.

Second favourite servant of mine is my dryer which saves me a lot of spoons in hanging the washing out then bringing it back in.

Having said that, I am also grateful for my slow cooker, my front load washer, my microwave and my toaster. I don't know how people managed in the past without these. I am grateful for my servants. 


  1. You are so right! I am so grateful I have so many tools to help me get the jobs done faster so I can spend more time with my family! Blessings, Loni

    1. Loni, I wouldn't be able to get things done without them! Blessings, Glenys


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