Monday, 13 July 2020

Beauty is all around us

As you probably know, we love cats. We used to have two white cats, but Snowy passed at age 14 and we now have our little white cat, Xena left to love. Both of them were rescue cats.

Xena has brightened my day. She is so amusing. Thinking she is invisible, she crouches after the many birds in our back garden, only to dash back inside when they gang up on her and chirp her away.

She is not very brave or wise. Her white fur is visible to everything. Her demeanour is the yellow of a coward. This is the same cat who squealed when a mouse ran over her paw! She's such a girl! 

With isolation, one has time to watch the antics of cats and birds, and to enjoy the beauty that is all around us. For in spite of pestilence and mayhem, there is still beauty to be found.

It does help me with this current fibromyalgia flare, to go to "the beach" and let the sun play on my skin and listen to the birds and watch our cats' antics.

Not many people can find much beauty in the world today, but I make a point of looking for it- and when I find it, I make sure to thank the One Who made it, and give thanks.

Gratitude and thankfulness in the midst of pain goes a long way in coping mentally with it all. 

Try to take some time out and focus on the good that remains in this sad old world. There is beauty all around us.


  1. Very true that we often overlook the beauty that is in the ordinary all around us. I am also savoring those simpler things these days of staying home. My garden has never looked better with all the attention it has been getting. Feeling gratitude in every day!

  2. I suppose our time at home is the only positive thing about these days! Thanks for sharing a cuppa with me today, Pat!

  3. yes, I love this reminder! I recently read John Eldridge's book, get your life back. in it, he explains the importance of noticing and receiving beauty that is around us and how it points us back to worshipping our Creator. your post brought that back to mind. thank you.

  4. Thanks for that book recommendation: I will look it up at our library! Thanks for taking tea with me today, Mariel!