Sunday, 1 May 2022

You just have to flex with fibro

 All of us who suffer with fibromyalgia know that it's a very unpredictable illness. We just can't plan with it as we don't know how we will feel until we wake up- and even then it's unpredictable.

We can start our day with extreme stiffness and pain, yet can come better by mid morning some days. It makes planning our day difficult to say the least.

I can't count the number of times I have had to apologise to someone for not being able to socialise or go shopping. I felt well at the time of arranging or accepting the invite, but fibro had other plans and held my body hostage.

Countless times I have planned to declutter my house or some other chore, and I have even gotten started only to find that my body was yelling at me, "Seriously??" and I had to stop. 

It is very challenging and even depressing. But it is what it is. Fibromyalgia is a pain in so many ways!

Lately, I have learned to say to people that I would love to come/do something but because of my fibromyalgia, I won't really know until the day how I will feel. So I will say a tentative yes and hope to be there/see you! 

I have had to learn to not be dogmatic about when I will do a certain chore. For example, all my life as a homemaker, I have changed my sheets every Monday. But with the coming of chronic illness, I might not feel well enough to do it that day. I have just had to accept it.

Part of accepting our new normal as Fibromites is to not get too upset if our body fails us on any particular day. We have to remember that tomorrow is another day, and even then it may not support us the day after that. It is just that unpredictable.

I have learned the hard way too that it's no use getting into a funk or berating yourself if fibro calls the shots and shoots down your day. It's not the end of the world, and you just have to flex with fibro...

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